The Shape I’m In

Photo by Arthur Mazi on Unsplash

A Poem written for the Global Shaper, Philadelphia Hub Anthology Collection on life during Covid-19 pandemic.

The Shape I’m in
I’m uncertain, yet hopeful
Indeed, I can only be
knowing times are strange, such as those we live in
I can only hope things were different
but how different?
A question I’ m still mulling over.

Would different mean equity for all?
Or better still, would different mean,
we value our human race more?
Or would different be a wake-up call for us all?
I will let you decide

In the shape I’m in,
many calls have been made
but not many have been heard.
I’ve heard of hope,
I’ve heard of resilience
I’ve heard of social or physical distancing
and I’ve heard of togetherness
but are these not the glues to any thriving society?

Should they not be the mainstays of our human discourse?
Again, I will let you decide.

In the shape I’m in,
I can do more than feel
but genuinely question my humanity
while surrendering my sanity,
not to the circumstances,
but to the only living God
His name is Yahweh.

The shape I’m in,
have taught me
to trust the inexpressible kindness of others
irrespective of job titles or societies’ valuation
and I hope,
our leaders, our governing systems,
and the 1% would learn these lessons too.

In the shape I’m in,
I can only embrace the uncertainty
and learn to never take life for granted

In the shape I’m in,
Only Yahweh’s hands can give me peace.



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